Unit 6: Air and water

Requirements Activities

Students should:

• know the constituents of air and how to separate them. Air composition and pollution. The greenhouse effect
• understand the natural balance of the atmosphere and the role played by man. The carbon cycle, oxygen cycle, water cycle and nitrogen cycle
• appreciate the need for monitoring and care of the environment. Water treatment and water pollution.
• know the water cycle and the treatment received before it arrives in a house. Project on pollution. (A)
• appreciate the special characteristics of water and its behaviour as a solvent.
• understand the mechanism of dissolution of ionic materials.
• appreciate the mobility of ions in solution.
• understand the precipitation process and be able to predict precipitation given familiar and unfamiliar compounds.
  Expt 17: The reaction between sodium hydroxide solution and six different metal sulphate solutions (E)
  Expt 18: To determine the solubility of two salts in water. Plan. (D,E)
  Solubility curves.
  Expt 19: Solubility curves. (D,E)
  Solubility curve data sheet (E)
  Test: Air and water (C)

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