Unit 3: Structure and bonding


Students should:

  • Know that a property is something that can be observed or measured with regard to a substance.
  • Understand that the properties of a substance is a product of its underlying structure and be able to relate specific properties to specific structures.
  • be aware that exceptions to general properties may be explained by more detailed examination of structure.
  • know the three types of bonding and the structures that may arise from them.
  • be able to predict the bonding used by given elements.
  • be able to suggest reasons for the use of everyday materials for different purposes.
  • be familiar with the vocabulary for describing physical properties

Assessment in this unit

Criterion A - Unit test

Criterion B & C - Conductivity investigation

Criterion C - Solubility curves, precipitation reactions

Criterion D - Nano-technology


A3: Bonding: metals (and non-metals)

  • Valency
  • chemical formulae
  • chemical reactions and the conservation of mass
  • balancing equations.


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