Unit 9.1.1: The study of everything


Students should:

  • Understand the kinetic theory
  • Understand the evidence for the particulate nature of matter
  • Be able to define pure substances and mixtures
  • Know how to apply the techniques of filtration, decanting, distillation and chromatography
  • Be aware of the importance of scientific rigour when planning experiments


Matter: states and properties of matter; particle/kinetic theory, diffusion. Pure and impure substances (types of mixtures [solutions, oils, alloys, emulsions]; separation techniques, including: filtration, distillation [including crude oil], chromatography).

Teacher driven discussion -

Chemistry is ...... The study of everything!

The philosophy is to introduce the fundamental theories of chemistry through experiment wherever possible. It is important that the students understand the concepts involved in experimental methodology.

  • The experimental method
  • The kinetic theory (theory of atoms)
  • Measurement and dimensions

Introduction to the study of chemistry in year 9.

Human curiosity

The need to categorise and classify the world around us.

The nature of the scientific method.

Student follow up

List pure substances that are encountered in everyday life.

List simple mixtures

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