MYP 8 Science - Chemistry

MYP 8.5.5: Chemical and physical change


  • In a chemical change a new substance is formed
  • In a physical change there is no new substance formed


A chemical reaction always produces a new substance.

A physical reaction never produceds new substances

A chemical property is a description of how a substance behaves to heat or another substance, forming a new substance

A physical property is a characteristic of a substance that can be observed or measured, but which in doing so does not change the substance.

Student activity

Chemical and physical reaction circus

The students should carry out the experiments and try to identify whether the reactions are physical or chemical.



Chemical and physical reaction circus



Teaching notes

The sulphur experiment must be carried out in the fume hood.

The iodine experiment should be closely monitored by the teacher. A large beaker full of sodium thiosulphate solution should be provided for the iodine covered test tubes.


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