MYP 7 Science - Chemistry

MYP 7 - Unit 3: The World Around Us - (land)

7.3.0: Introduction - requirements and overview - Organigram of objectives - Pure substances and mixtures (revision of kinetic theory)

7.3.1: Rocks and minerals

7.3.2: The carbon cycle and fossil fuels

7.3.3: Chemical and physical change

7.3.4: Elements and compounds

7.3.5: Metals and alloys, properties and uses

7.3.6: Plastics and polymers

7.3.7: One World Activity

7.3.8: Evaluative practical

7.3.9: Unit Test

MYP 7 - Unit 4: The World Around Us (air and sea)

7.4.0: Introduction - requirements and overview - Organigram of objectives

7.4.1: The gases in the air, separation by liquefaction and distillation (data presentation), the inert (noble) gases.

7.4.2: Oxygen, preparation, properties and test.

7.4.3: Oxidation, reaction with oxygen, respiration, the oxygen cycle.

7.4.4: The percentage oxygen in air.

7.4.5: Carbon dioxide, preparation and properties.

7.4.6: Chemicals from the sea.

7.4.7: Pollution from fossil fuels, limited to SO2 (acid rain) and CO2 (greenhouse effect)

7.4.8: One World Activities - Global warming.

7.4.9: Evaluative practical - investigate how the percentage of carbon dioxide in air affects the heat absorbing capacity of the air in a vessel.

7.4.10: Unit Test


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