MYP 7 Science - Chemistry

MYP 7.4.9: Evaluative practical - investigate how the percentage of carbon dioxide in air affects the heat absorbing capacity of the air in a vessel.


  • To design and carry out an experiment to see if carbon dioxide behaves as a greenhouse gas
  • To measure and analyse data on the absorption of heat by carbon dioxide.


The students could be shown a simple gas jar (beaker or large test tube) and IR radiator with a temperature probe or digital thermometer.

They can be shown a carbon dioxide generator and using downward displacement of water to fill the jar with different amounts of carbon dioxide (the remainder being air when the water is emptied out)

They can them plan the experiment and decide how to analyse the data.

Teachers' Notes

The students often confuse the ozone layer and the Greenhouse effect.

The carbon dioxide particles (molecules) them selves do not get hot, they increase their motion. The thermometer detects this as what we call heat.


Environmental Science - pp150



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