MYP 7 Science - Chemistry

MYP 7.4.1: The gases in the air

Separation by liquefaction and distillation (data presentation)


  • To know the different gases in the air and their sources (cycles).
  • To understand regional variation.
  • To categorise other gases as both natural and non-natural pollutants.
  • To know that the main sources of pollutants are human activities.
  • To present the data in a variety of forms
  • To understand that changes of state are used to separate the gases in the air.
  • To understand that liquefaction is carried out by compression, radiation and expansion cycles (fridges)
  • To represent the proportion of gases in the air using charts and diagrams


Spotlight Science 7: p73, p78, p93, p95 (air)

Spotlight Science 7: p101 (liquid gases)

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