MYP 7 Science - Chemistry

MYP 7.3.4: Elements and compounds


  • To understand that pure substances can be sub-divided into elements and compounds
  • To know that the periodic table is a data table of all of the known elements
  • To know that elements are made up of the same type of atom
  • To know that atoms differ in mass and sub-atomic structure (no detail)
  • To know that compounds are made by combining elements
  • To know that elements are sub-divided into metals and non-metals
  • To know that most elements and not found uncombined in nature
  • To understand that compounds are made from two or more elements chemically combined together.
  • To understand that a compound does not share the properties of the elements that make it up, whereas a mixture shows an combination of the properties.


Possible Activities

Colour coding printed copies of the periodic table

'Adopting' an element and making a presentation

Worksheet - periodic table assignment


Science Explorer - Chemical Building Blocks Section 1 - Describing matter pp10-12

Spotlight Science 8: p66-67

Video - The Periodic Table [20 minutes] - worksheet

Periodic table interactive test 1

Periodic table interactive test 2

Meet the elements (3m 48s)

The elements song (3m 02s)

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