MYP 6 Science - Chemistry

MYP 6.2.2: What holds the particles in matter together?


  • To understand the idea of inter-particular force
  • To understand that the forces between particles is stronger in solids than liquids and stronger in liquids than gases.
  • To understand that the distance between particles is dependent on the forces.


How can we define solids, liquids and gases, in terms of shape and volume (fixed and not fixed).

Can gases be compressed?

The effect of force on the volume of a gas.

Can liquids be compressed?

Student Activity

Capillary tubes dipped into different liquids (water, ethanol, propanone)

What happens to a drop of water on glass?

What happens to a drop of oil on water?

What is the volume when 10ml propan-2-ol is added to 10ml water?


Science Explorer - Chemical Building Blocks Section 1 - States of Matter pp 42-47


The three little piggies

Capillary action (3m 12s)

Surface tension (5m 45s)

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