MYP 6 Science - Chemistry

6.2.1: Evidence for the particular theory of matter


  • To understand the need for evidence when proposing theories
  • To observe and understand evidence for the kinetic theory
  • To know the fundamental ideas of the kinetic theory


What happens if we cut up a lump of iron into ever smaller pieces?

The ancient Greeks' thought experiment.

Discussion about the two theories:

  • continuous theory of matter
  • the particulate theory of matter

How can we decide which theory is more likely to be correct?
What is matter made of?

Experiment circus

  • The smoke cell
  • Diffusion of bromine vapour
  • The oil drop experiment
  • Dissolution of potassium manganate(VII)


Science Explorer - Chemical Building Blocks Section 1 - States of Matter pp42-47

Spotlight Science 8: p108, 117


Brownian motion (1 min 41s)

Brownian motion 2 (2 min 57s)

Teacher's notes

The technician should set up the bromine gas jar and smoke cell apparatus.


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