MYP 6 Science - Chemistry

MYP 6.1.8: One World activity:

Pure chemicals are often hazardous to health. In groups you are to prepare a presentation on one chemical that may be accidentally ingested or get into the food chain and the application of science to this problem.


  • To identify a pure substance that can cause problems in society
  • To find out the cause of the problem
  • To explain how the problem impinges on society
  • To discuss means of solving the issue

Teachers notes:

There are a myriad of examples that may be found on the internet.

The recent food poisoning in Bihar where many children died is one example
Pesticides in general, DDT, agent orange.
Cyanide poisoning of rivers (Rhine, Brazil) often due to gold mining.
Mercury in fish - Minimata
Hydrocarbons from petrol

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