MYP 6 Science - Chemistry

MYP 6.1.6: A chemical reaction


  • To observe and record a chemical reaction
  • To prepare a solution from a solid and a solvent
  • To construct and use a filtration system

Student Activity

  1. Accurately weigh out approximately 10g of citric acid using the electronic balance.
  2. Prepare a solution of citric acid by dissolving the citric acid in 25cm3 of water in a small beaker.
  3. Add a spatula of sodium hydrogencarbonate and observe.
  4. When the reaction has ceased add another spatula of sodium hydrogen carbonate. Repeat until no further reaction is observed.


The safety aspects must be discussed. The corrosive nature of acids. If spilled on the skin or clothes walk to the sink and rinse with plenty of water. If spilled on the bench, mop up with a wet cloth.

Observations possible

Before: Solid citric acid = white crystals.
Citric acid solution = colourless liquid
Sodium hydrogen carbonate = white powder

During: Effervescence (bubbling)
White powder disappears

After: Colourless transparent (clear) solution

Write-up: Criterion B - communication skills


Science Spotlight 7: p74-77

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