MYP 6 Science - Chemistry

MYP 6.1.0: Science Introductions - Chemistry

By the end of this unit students should:

  • Understand how chemistry works in the laboratory
  • Understand the need for safety in the laboratory
  • Understand that all matter can be classified into pure substances and mixtures
  • Understand that all materials come from the land, sea or air originally
  • Understand the concept of classification and its utility
  • Understand the concept of a fair test
  • Understand that physical properties refer to measurable (quantitative) or observable (qualitative) characteristics
  • Know that our senses are not always reliable.
  • Understand that communication requires standardisation (experimental reports, quantity)

Chemistry is the study of … everything


Everything that has matter. Everything that has substance. It doesn't include the invisible forces (physics) and living systems are too complex for direct study (biology), but everything that has matter is the domain of chemistry.

A brief history of chemistry (15 mins)


May be either a pure substance or a mixture.


A mixture can be separated into two or more other substances

Testing the properties of a mixture is not good science - why not?


Spotlight Science 7 p180-181

Science Explorer - Chemical building Blocks Section 1 - Describing matter pp6-15


The Earth as seen from outer space (15 mins)

The natural wonders of the Earth (15 mins)

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