Grade 10 : Energy Project


Background studies:

The role of hydrocarbons in the world's energy economy. Pollution and industrial waste including nuclear. The chemistry of the hydrocarbons.

Main objectives:

Appreciation that the situation is complex and that energy savings in one area may be balances by losses in others.
Data search to obtain figures for the world's reserves and to appreciate their finite nature.
Appreciation of the relative values of energy produced by alternatives and the resources available dependant upon geography and culture.
To produce a reasoned argument on which to base the energy needs of the world over the next fifty years.

Criterion A: One World Maximum 6

Students should show some knowledge of the impact of science on the world, be able to comment on it and to be aware of cultural differences.

  Level of achievement Descriptor
  1-2 The student has:
Some knowledge
of the application of science and some awareness of its impact
  3-4 Able to:
Make reasonable comments on the benefits and drawbacks of the application of science
Understand different cultural and social perspectives.
Demonstrate some understanding of the associated moral and ethical considerations.
      5-6 Able to:
Understand a range of issues
Make reasoned suggestions on the integration of science into society.
Demonstrate good insight into the cultural influences in the practice of science