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Introduction to Middle Years Chemistry

Despite ever-increasing interest in the IB middle years program from schools throughout the world there remains precious little on the WWW in terms of student and teacher support. After several frustrating years of attempting to interpret documentation and searching for information relating to the myp we decided to write it for ourselves.

This site reflects what is hopefully just the start of a teaching and studying resource specifically aimed at Middle Years Program chemistry and (soon to follow) physics and biology.

There is a forum to gather ideas and discuss problems that arise, from both students' and teachers' perspectives relating to the MYP in general and chemistry specifically at this level. Any other ideas and suggestions for improvements will be gratefully received.

What is the MYP?

The myp (middle years project) is the name given to the teaching covering the pre- diploma years of the International Baccalaureate Organisation. In secondary schools this represents years 6 to 10 (7 to 11 in the UK).

For newcomers unfamiliar with the International Baccalaureate (IB) more information on the organisation may be found on the official IBO website.

Site navigation

The menu at the left hand side has links to the levels and areas of interest. For the myp chemistry course the most useful starting page is the scheme of work corresponding to the particular level of study. The content in each school will dependent on the emphasis given to each area by the individual school.

The myp course that appears here is that followed by the students at ICS Madrid plus general myp information and facility.

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Molecular imaging


A plug-in is a small downloadable piece of software that integrates with the browser being used to view the internet - usually Internet Explorer. These plug-ins add facility to the browser and simply enhance the browsing experience by allowing computer simulations (in the case of molecular modelling) to be used.

MDL Chime plug-in can be downloaded and installed from their home site. Information about operating the plug-in can be found here.

The RasTop plug-in is also needed for some of the molecular models. This program can be run directly from this site or you can download the zip file and install it onto your own hard drive.

For Virtual reality modelling you will need to download and install the Cosmo VR plugin.


The purpose of this site is intended to be both educational and informative. The webmaster wishes to acknowledge the use of flash, director and other animations resourced from the internet. Where possible the original author has been acknowledged, although in some cases where he/she is not known this has not been possible. It is not our intention to claim authorship nor intellectual property rights nor do we wish to breach copyright by using original content without permission. If anyone objects to the use of his/her original material it will be removed forthwith. Please contact for this purpose and any other related communications.


We are always interested in collaborating with other chemistry resources and welcome any suggestions and ideas. Please link to this site and we will make reciprocal links. Contact the for further information.


The information and opinions expressed in this site are those of the author and are in no way connected with the International Baccalaureate Organisation.

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