Acids and bases: 9.5.6 - Preparation of salts 2 - Titration


Students should…

  • Understand the use of indicators to show the amount of acid needed to neutralise a base
  • Know the colours of universal indicator and phenolphthalein
  • Be able to manipulate the burette, pipette and pipette filler to find the volume of acid needed to neutralise an unknown base solution
  • Be able to prepare a sample of a soluble salt using titration.


Demonstration and discussion of titration apparatus.

Student activity

Find the volume of bench hydrochloric acid needed to neutralise 25ml of 2M NaOH solution.

Instructions sheet

Student follow up

Experimental report.

Calculate theoretical yield.

Measure actual yield

Determine percentage yield.

Teacher notes

Corrosive and hazardous solutions. Suitable safety precautions must be taken.


Percentage yield information sheet

Percentage yield questions

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