Acids and bases: 9.5.5 - Preparation of salts 1 - Acids and insoluble bases


Students should…

  • Understand the concept of excess reagent
  • be able to use and predict the nature of salts formed by neutralisation
  • know that water of crystallisation is often incorporated into crystal structures
  • recognise the presence of the H+ ion as the cause of acidity and the OH- ion as the cause of basicity
  • be able to predict the maximum mass of crystals that can be formed in a reaction


Recall the concept of insoluble ionic substances.


Student activity

Experiment to prepare a sample of copper(II) sulphate using copper(II) oxide (excess) and sulfuric acid.

Instructions sheet

Student follow up

Experimental report.

To include the yield obtained of copper(II) sulfate crystals and the theoretical yield. From these values a discussion of the percentage yield and the sources of error.




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