MYP 9 Unit 3

Structure and bonding: 9.3.6: Covalent bonding


  • To describe the covalent bond as a shared pair of electrons that holds together the two positive nuclear centres of a molecule
  • To understand that sharing bonding pairs of electrons gives a full outer shell (octet rule)
  • To understand that each nuclear centre has the effective control of one of the two electrons in a pair
  • To know that covalent bonding takes place between non-metal atoms
  • To draw molecules representing binary compounds


Powerpoint and flash demonstrations

Student follow up

The students are to construct simple dot cross diagrams to represent a series of covalent molecules.

Teacher's notes

Remind the students that atoms cannot exist on their own under normal conditions.

The non-metallic elements must be covalent.


Covalent bonding

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