The structure of atoms: 9.2.2 - Sub-atomic particles


  • To identify the types of sub-atomic particles
  • To locate the protons and neutrons in the nucleus (nucleons)
  • To identify the positive nature of protons
  • To identify the negative nature of electrons
  • To identify the need for neutrons to 'glue' the protons into the nucleus
  • To understand that isotopes of the same element have differing mass numbers and number of neutrons
  • To use the AZE system to determine the number of subatomic particles in atoms and ions.
  • To point out the fact that negative ions have different names to parent atoms.


Class presentation with worksheets - Atomic theory

Student follow up

Complete the AZE worksheets in exercise books

Teacher's notes

The atomic theory presentation (below) has navigation in the top right hand corner as well as in the left hand window.


Atomic theory presentation

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