MYP 10

Unit 10.6.5: The effect of temperature on the rate of a chemical reaction


  • To understand the effect of temperature on reaction rate
  • To know that increasing the temperature increases the energy available to the reaction particles
  • To understand the concept of an energy barrier
  • To know that only a certain proportion of the reaction molecules have enough energy to overcome the activation energy barrier


Teacher prompt to investigate the effect of temperature on reaction rate using a suitable reaction. Exothermic reactions are unsuitable as temperature control would be difficult.

  • Marble chips with hydrochloric acid.
  • Zinc powder and sulfuric acid

Student experiment

They are to design and carry out a suitable investigation.


Criterion B

Criterion C

Teaching notes

The sulfuric acid could be 'doped' with copper ions to increase the rate of reaction.

Feedback should deal with the activation energy and a simplified Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution.


The rates of chemical reactions

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