MYP 10

Unit 10.5.7: Boiling point determination of a volatile liquid


  • To record the boiling temperature of hexane, hex-1-ene and an unknown volatile liquid
  • To safely handle volatile organic compounds
  • To know the definition of boiling point as the temperature at which the vapour pressure equals atmospheric pressure
  • To know that the boiling point depends on the environment
  • To link the boiling point to the interparticular forces

Class activity

Siwoloboff's boiling point determination.

Student activity

Data search and analysis

  • Find boiling points of the first eight members of the alkane homologous series
  • Plot a graph of boiling point against relative mass for the series
  • Join the points by a smooth curve
  • Plot your values for hexane and hexene on the same paper
  • Explain any differences between your values and the expected values


Criterion A

Teaching notes

Safety features:

No naked flames on benches with the compounds. Hot water baths prepared first.






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