MYP 10

Unit 10.5.6: Alkanes and alkenes


  • To differentiate between the homologous series of alkanes and alkenes
  • To identify some physical properties of alkanes and alkenes, solubility, odour, volatility, colour, boiling point.
  • To explain complete and incomplete combustion
  • To understand the reaction between unsaturated compounds and bromine water
  • To know that the double bond confers reactivity on a molecule (functional group)

Class activity - Demonstration

Chemical and physical properties of hexane and hex-1-ene.

Student activity

Notes on the demonstration

Written piece of work. "Compare and contrast the properties of alkanes and alkenes".

The work should identify the similarities and differences in physical and chemical properties with supporting evidence and appropriate equations.


Criterion A(i), (iii)

Criterion C(i), (ii)

Teaching notes

Samples burned on a watch glass - observe the smokiness of the flames (extension with ethyne from calcium carbide and water). Explain in terms of the relative strengths of bonds.

Identify products of incomplete combustion, including carbon micro-particulates and carbon monoxide.


Reaction with bromine water (addition)

Reaction with potassium manganate(VII)

Mobility of liquids

Density of liquids (comparative)


Alkanes and alkenes

Alkanes ppt


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