MYP 10

Unit 10.5.5: Organic chemistry nomenclature


  • To know the IUPAC system for naming organic compounds, including alkanes, alkenes, alkynes haloalkanes, alcohols and carboxylic acids (up to C6).
  • To understand the concept of homologous series
  • To know that two members of the same homologous series differ by one CH2 unit
  • To know that homologous series are given a class name and contain the same functional units
  • To know that the physical properties of a homologous series have predictable physical properties
  • To know that the chemical properties of a homologous series depend on the functional components of the series.

Class activity

Molymods are used to exemplify the structures discussed.

Appreciation of the added complexity.

Discussion of isomers and functional groups

Introduction to nomenclature

Use of root, suffix, prefix, multipliers & locants

Student activity

Go through the text book section 17 and use the molymods to construct the molecules under discussion in the questions at the end of each section.Answer the questions in exercise books



Teaching notes



Organic nomenclature - self test


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