MYP 10

Unit 10.4.3 - The spirit burner investigation


  • To plan an investigation using the spirit burner
  • To chose a variables that could ostensibly affect one another
  • To carry out the investigation, obtaining sufficient valid data


The spirit burner is demonstrated and discussed. Ethanol is used as a fuel.

Student follow up

The students are instructed to investigate the spirit burner by brainstorming the possible variables involved in any experiment. They are to chose independent and dependent variables that could ostensibly be related, i.e. affect one another (dependent).

They should then plan and carry out the investigation.

A full experimental write up is required


Criteria B & C

Teaching notes

One single lesson is needed for demonstration, discussion and experiment planning.

One double lesson for the experimentation.


Flammable liquids and naked flames.


word Criteria B&C


B3: Energy changes in reactions, endo- and exothermicity; combustion of fuels.

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