MYP 10

Unit 10.4.2 - Absorbing and measuring heat energy


  • To understand the zeroth law of thermodynamics
  • To know that the energy absorbed by a body in Joules is not expressed by the same temperature change.
  • To work with the equation E = mcΔT.
  • To appreciate that it is difficult to control energy flow (heat losses to the environment).

Class activity

Following on from the discussions of the previous class, it should be noted that the temperature change in a body is directly proportional to the energy applied and inversely proportional to the mass being heated.

E = kΔT

E = k'/m

The class is provided with a worksheet on calorimetry.

Student follow up

Practice calculations on calorimetry



Teaching notes

The students could be directed towards means of reducing heat losses in their community. It could be explained that a huge amount of waste takes place in most environments leading to increased costs and inefficiency.

They could identify areas in which heat losses occur in the local or global environment


Worksheet (doc)

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