MYP 10

10.2.1: Electrochemical cells

E-assessement - B1: Periodic Table:

  • extraction of metals
  • electrochemical cells


  • Understand that redox reactions can produce electricity
  • Know the difference between voltage and current in electrical circuits
  • To build a simple electrochemical cell using two half-cells.

Activity - Class demonstration

The students are shown the construction of an electrochemical cell from two half-cells.

electrochemical cell

To be covered:

  • The underlying theory.
  • The difference between voltage and current and how they are measured in a circuit.
  • The function of the salt bridge.

A discussion of the possible variables.

Student activity

The students construct their own electrochemical cells and investigate one variable in the set-up.


Available materials

  • Zinc foil
  • Copper foil
  • Zinc sulfate(s)
  • Copper sulfate(s)
  • Potassium nitrate(s)
  • All the usual laboratory apparatus


The zinc | copper cell


Criterion B - Inquiring and designing

Criterion C - Processing and evaluating

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