MYP 10

Unit 10.1.5: Competition between metals

E-assessement - B1: Periodic Table

  • metals (and non-metals)
  • transition metals
  • Redox reactions
  • reactivity series
  • extraction of metals
  • corrosion
  • electrochemical cells


  • To understand that more reactive metals can reduce less reactive metal ions.
  • To understand the thermite reaction
  • To now how to calculate the reacting masses of an equation


Demonstration of the thermite process

This should be carried out by constructing the balanced equation and working out the masses of iron(III) oxide and aluminium required.

Student activity

Look up and make notes on the Industrial extraction of iron from iron(III) oxide (iron ore)

Write a piece of work:

Compare and contrast the thermite and Blast furnace methods of extracting iron


The thermit reaction in International College 2016

Thermite in USA

Thermite in Sweden

Steel making and the blast furnace

Thermite reaction

Steel from start to finish (US Steel)


Criterion A - Communication

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