MYP 10

10.1.2: The reactions of the group 2 metals with water

E-assessement - B1: Periodic Table

  • metals (and non-metals)
  • transition metals.
  • Redox reactions
  • reactivity series
  • extraction of metals, and corrosion
  • electrochemical cells


  • Observe the chemical reaction of magnesium and calcium with water

Activity - Class demonstration (about 40 minutes)

The students are shown the reaction of calcium with water.

Points to include

  • Gas collection and ignition
  • Temperature change due to the exothermic nature of the reaction
  • White milky liquid formed
  • Alkaline solution

Reaction with magnesium set up under a glass filter funnel in a large beaker with inverted test tube to collect gas. Add little phenolphthalein to the water. This should stand for a couple of weeks throughout the unit and be referred to from time to time.

Student activity

Write up the demonstration (1 paragraph) using the notes taken during the class to "compare and contrast the reaction of group 1 and 2 metals with water. Suggest trends that may be extrapolated about the properties of group 2 metals.


Periodic table of videos

Barium Calcium Magnesium


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