MYP 10

10.1.1: The reactions of the group 1 metals

E-assessement - B1: Periodic Table:

  • metals (and non-metals)
  • transition metals
  • Redox reactions
  • reactivity series
  • extraction of metals
  • corrosion
  • electrochemical cells


  • Observe the physical and chemical properties of lithium, sodium and potassium
  • Look for trends in the group 1 metals
  • Extrapolate properties to include caesium and rubidium

Activity - Class demonstration (about 40 minutes)

The students are shown the three metals, Li, Na and K

The metals are cut with a steel scalpel.

They are placed in a bowl of water in the fume cupboard and observed.

With lithium the gas evolved is collected and tested with a lighted splint. The remaining liquid is tested with universal indicator. Equations are derived for the reaction.

Student activity

Write up the demonstration using the notes taken during the class to "compare and contrast the properties of the group 1 metals". Suggest trends that may be extrapolated about the properties of group 1 metals.


Periodic table of videos

Lithium Sodium Potassium


A(i) - Explain scientific knowledge

A(iii) - Analyse and evaluate information to make scientifically supported judgements

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